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Historical Data

Like all technical analysis software, beeTrader also needs historical data to make the most of its multiple functions, first of all OverSpread . How all traders know how to find historical data from their broker may not be so easy, especially with Interactive Brokers which provides a limited set of historical data.
To overcome this problem, beeTrader has a complex data merge system that allows you to have all the historical data of the same asset, even if coming from different brokers.

Symbol Manager  is the application that manages the assets and all the related parameters. Each asset entered can easily be connected to various brokers, this allows to acquire historical data from each broker and then have them available. The data in fact reside in its own location. At each daily connection the stored historical data will increase.

The historical data merge function works for brokers using Symbol Manager, then Interactive Broker, WeBank, FideuramDirect, Banca Sella and BarChart. While it does not work for brokers that have their own data and do not use Symbol Manager, then Binck Bank, IQ Feed and Deribit.