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Range Bars

Video Tutorial

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Use and interpretation

An innovative method to read the graph, a study not influenced by time but by the excursion that makes it easy to identify the maxima, the minima and especially the swings.
The green bars represent percentage variations (of the value set by the user) to the upside, the red bars represent percentage variations (of the value set by the user) downwards. The blue square represents the maximum value of the title, while the gray one represents the minimum value.

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Through the Choose Properties menu, accessible with the right mouse button, it is possible to add all the properties relating to the Range Bars, which are:

  • Range Bars%: percentage of variation merged into a single bar, this field is editable;
  • R.B. Swings: total number of variations;
  • R.B. Up: sum of all green bars;
  • R.B. Down: sum of all red bars;
  • R.B. Max Up: maximum number of consecutive green bars;
  • R.B. Max Down: maximum number of consecutive red bars;
  • R. B. Pattern: it can be Long if the last green bar is preceded by a red bar with an absolute minimum on one of the two. Short if the last red bar is preceded by a green bar with an absolute maximum in one of the two. If none of the conditions are met, the field is empty.