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Saxo Bank


beeTrader interfaces with Saxo Bank through a web system. When the Saxo Bank broker is selected, both at the startup of beeTrader and in the next connection, their credentials are requested.

beeTrader with Saxo Bank does not use Symbol Manager, therefore no coding of the assets present in Binck Bank is required.

Available assets

Symbols Lists

Whenever you need to choose an asset, for example to open a new Chart, add assets in a Watchlist or create a new Options Strategy, the window in which to choose the asset is shown. Most of the available assets are grouped by bargaining market, however if the desired asset is not found the Advanced Search tab shown below is available. The multi-selection function is available in the selection window.

In the Options Strategy once the asset has been chosen, the Chain Options is automatically associated by beeTrader


If the desired asset is not present on the Symbols Lists tab, you can search for it as shown in the image (Future DAX). If you set the desired Security Type and type in the name of the asset to be searched.

Once the Search button has been clicked, in the grid below the assets identified that match the search criteria set are shown.