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beePrice Distribution

Very popular beeApp that facilitates the reading of the market through a graphical representation of the price that highlights in detail how it was distributed and how it is distributed over time!

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DPD – Defense Point Distribution

Open interests are outdated, DPDs represent the only real big news in the world of finance for several years now. Through the processing of all the underlying exchanges and options, a complex system of calculation algorithms identifies the positions and premiums collected, splits synthetic positions from actual ones and beeTrader therefore shows the user a finished histogram chart that does not require  interpretation.

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Market Strategy

The tool that displays the PayOff of the outlook that the market has (and therefore the institutional ones) for the asset under observation. This processing requires the historical data of the underlying which will then be requested by Iceberg from the connected broker.

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Follow Me

beeApp to be used in the Charts that through a complex mathematical / probabilistic calculation algorithm Follow Me provides the user with the indication of the current trend and the percentage of probability that it remains. Through the simple and intuitive graphic interface it does not need any interpretation.

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Trading Room

The users of the PlayOptions community united in the various rooms of the first virtual Trading Room. It is possible to follow the signal of traders from all over the world, but also to share their own Signal to create trading groups. Rooms with  PlayOptions Signal are the icing on the cake and offer the opportunity to grow and follow twenty years of experience of PlayOptions in the world of trading.

To share your own Signal it is necessary to enable the sending from the Social menu of the Charts.