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Understanding the Assets Scanner function

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The beeTrader Assets Scanner function allows you to evaluate the Conditions developed through EasyScript using EasyScript Editor on a basket of assets. It becomes very easy to instantly check which of the assets has verified a particular condition.

The assets are added from the main menu, or you can use lists of symbols created previously (see the section Tips & Tricks).

In the right section, Assets Scanner Conditions, the available Conditions are displayed, while the left section displays the list of assets on which you want to scan. For each selected Condition, beeTrader creates a column in which it is indicated for each asset whether it has verified the condition or not. As for the “Watchlist” also in Assets Scanner you can change the timeframe on which to scan. Once the timeframe has been modified, the user can perform a new calculation by clicking on the Calculate button present for each instrument, or use Calculate All present in the menu.