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Escursione Between

The Excursion Between indicator can be used in building options strategies, and represents the percentage of bars in which the price excursion downwards or upwards, as a percentage, has not exceeded a set value. Must be used with Daily timeframe.

It requires two parameters, @days which represents how many days, not bars, to use for calculating the price change, and @thresholdPercent which represents the percentage value of the price variance to use as the minimum threshold in the calculation.

In the example shown it is used with the parameters @days equal to 17 days and @thresholdPercent equal to 3%. The value calculated on Anima Holding SpA is equal to 9.2, thus indicating that in 9.2% of cases the price range was less than 3% in periods of 17 days.

This indicator can be used on both Chart and Watchlist.