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beeTrader is a platform for online trading unique in the Italian scenario because it combines the traditional trading on futures or shares, the option trading made simple and affordable for everyone thanks to functions that are not found in any other software for online trading.

All the functions are illustrated in the various sections of the manual with examples and video tutorials.

We focus on this first page on some of the features of beeTrader as a whole, analyzing the accessible functions of the File menu.

Open in new window

This function allows you to open the selected document (Chart, Watchlist, OverSpread Scanner, Options Strategy, etc.) in a new new beeTrader window, the command is accessible from the File menu and also by right-clicking on the label (title) of the document .

There is also the Document Manager function (accessible from the Windows menu) that allows you to move documents from one window to another of beeTrader and to assign a name to the different windows.


That is the work area. All documents that have been started in beeTrader, for example Chart, Watchlist, beePrice Distribution, Options Strategy, etc. can be saved or started in a single moment. The commands are available from the File menu.

  • File -> New ->  Workspace: create a new workspace by closing all currently open documents;
  • File -> Open -> Workspace :: opens a previously saved workspace;
  • File -> Save ->  Workspace: save the workspace currently in use;
  • File -> Close -> Workspace: closes the currently used workspace.

There is an automatic save function, this function is activated by default, is present in File -> Settings.


beeTrader allows multi-connection to multiple brokers simultaneously. At the start of the software you are asked to choose a broker to connect to, after which the software can connect other brokers from File -> Connections -> Connect Broker.

From File -> Connections -> View Connections starts a function that shows all the connected brokers and the number of connections for each broker. In this the user can monitor not to exceed the limits of simultaneous connections imposed by some brokers.


The Settings window collects the main settings of beeTrader.

General Settings

  • Language: choose the language you want to use in beeTrader. Software reboot is required;
  • Power Savings: enable or disable the sleep mode of Windows (if you use automatic systems it is raccomanded to disable the sleep mode of Windows);
  • Workspace: enable or disable automatic workspace saving every 5 minutes;
  • Sounds: enable or disable the alert sounds for Quick Alerts and the lack of real-time data updates and speech synthesis;
  • Status Bar Informations: you can choose whether or not to show messages related to links with brokers and the progress of requests in the status bar at the bottom


  • Manual Orders: tick the box to stop receiving confirmation requests to send manual orders created on Chart;
  • Automatic Orders (Strategies): tick the box to stop receiving confirmation requests to send orders generated by Strategies on Chart;
  • Backtest/Strategy default: set the parameters that will be taken as default for the Strategy Trading functions;

Options Strategies

  • Automatic Systems Restore: choose whether to automatically restore the automatic systems when opening an Options Strategies;
  • Automatic Orders: enables or disables the possibility of NOT having to confirm market orders generated by automatic systems. Maximum attention is recommended if confirmation is disabled;
  • Options Chain (Interactive Brokers): setting of Options Strategies with a future as underlying. This setting allows you to choose whether to display the Options Chain of all the expiries of the options, or only the expiries that are actually referred to the underlying future in relation to its expiry date.

User Interface

A wide range of color themes are offered to meet the user’s needs. Once the theme has been chosen, a preview is proposed. If the theme is changed, the software must be restarted.