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OverSpread Scanner

Understand the OverSpread Scanner function

OverSpred Scanner is the OverSpread function to perform the first sorting of pairs. In this window all the pairs deriving from the assets previously chosen are collected. From the menu there are some useful functions such as filters or the selection of the properties displayed.

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  • Add Manual Pair: adds a pair consisting of two assets chosen by the user;
  • Views: opens the graphs related to the selected pair;
  • Details: opens a window that displays all the properties of the selected pair;
  • Refresh: update the asset data contained in the OverSpread Scanner;
  • Send to OS Watchlist: sends the selected pair in the OverSpread Watchlist;
  • Properties: launch the Choose Properties window to choose which properties view, save the layout of the properties or upload a previously saved one;
  • Filters: launch the OverSpread Scanner Filters window to set filters to reduce the pairs in the scanner, the filters set can be saved and loaded in the future;
  • Assets: opens the chart for asset A, asset B or both.


It is very likely that at the end of the scan there are many pairs in OverSpread Scanner. Using filters is the best way to limit pairs to those that can actually be used to do an OverSpread.

The purpose of the OverSpread Filters function is to apply different filters and to restrict the pairs present in the OverSpread Scanner. For each property that you want to use as a filter you choose the mathematical operator, the value, if this value is to be considered in absolute value and finally the filter activated. Clicking on Calculate beeTrader filters the pairs based on the set values.

In the example it has been set that the value of Z-Score Last Value must be greater than or equal to 2 in absolute value. In this way all the pairs that are greater than 2 Z-Score and less than -2 scores are identified, just the ones that interest us.