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Market Strategy

The tool that displays the PayOff of the outlook that the market has (and therefore the institutional ones) for the asset under observation. This processing requires the historical data of the underlying which will then be requested by beeTrader from the connected broker.


Note: In order for the Market Strategy to work properly it is necessary that the asset being analyzed has encoded in Symbol Manager the Chain Options. Assets with Chain Options are written in blue for immediate identification. For the procedure for coding financial instruments in beeTrader, see the specific broker’s page in Data Provider .

Understanding the Market Strategy function


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This is the current market position, a Bullish Spread which is explained alongside the PayOff in detail.


The Refresh button

update the DPD with new data, it is possible to do a Refresh every hour. Clicking on the “Refresh” button, if an hour has not passed since the last update, a window appears warning you of the remaining time.


The Strike Step

setting to be used only for indexes, it is used to visualize the operations of large movers by incorporating those of small traders who also work on intermediate strikes present on weekly expiries that are not used by the institutional.
In the setting of the strike step one must not exceed the interval between strikes found in the first monthly deadline.

Example: FTSE MIB weekly strike price = 100, first monthly strike price = 250, annual strike price = 500. Filter to use = 250

In the case of the example object, Future SP500 the strike step 5 is the most appropriate one.